How to cook in salt crust and most importantly

mainUnusually tender and juicy meat can be obtained by cooking it in salt. All that is needed is to know how to use it correctly.

Let’s start with chemistry, or rather, with how salt acts on meat. Its influence is not limited to taste shades – salt penetrates into the fibers very slowly, but it performs two very important functions: drawing water and softening the fibers. In this case, whether it is the first function or the second, depends on the form in which the salt itself resides and what temperature affects it.
Salt peel is the same ingenious simplicity that you will never want to change to something else. The ancient Chinese, who knew a lot about the preparation of unusual dishes, made it very simple: they laid the laid hens in the very middle of the salt slide, where they stayed exactly one day. After that, the meat was tender and soft. The Pacific tribes have something similar, only instead of salt they use small stones and earth. Very appetizing, but we have our own traditions.

mainYou can cook everything in salt: fish, steak, lamb leg, pork ham or chicken – just organize the right salt shell. Professionally – add slightly whipped protein to the salt. At high temperature, the solution will turn into a strong sarcophagus with ideal thermal conductivity (salt – crystal) and preservation of meat juice. He has nowhere to go, and the salt, having hardened, absorbs moisture not so actively. Amateur – it is possible without protein, but then much more salt is needed: cover the meat with a “head”.

One more tip – arm yourself. In the literal sense: take a hatchet or hammer, not forgetting the eye and the ability to calculate the force of impact.

mainThe art of breaking salt crust is not to make the contents porridge. Fortunately, this only applies to fish because of its softness: mashing a perfectly looking trout is a real crime. Another thing is roast beef. After extracting from under the crust, it is quite hard (comprehensive and delicate exposure to heat), and most importantly gentle. Do not forget that saline is an excellent conductor of spices in meat fibers: all marinades are usually salted.


Roast beef medium rare in salt crust


  • Beef (thick edge on the bone) – 1.5 kg
  • Coarse sea salt – 2 kg
  • Proteins – 7-8 pcs.
  • Black peppercorns, thyme, rosemary

If you want to appreciate the excellence of technology, pick up a good, massive edge of beef meat on the bone. Fight the temptation to put it in the pan!

Instead, buy 2 kilograms of coarse sea salt, grind (preferably in a mortar or mill with coarse grinding) black pepper, thyme and rosemary.
Beat 7-8 egg whites into a foam – the “bonding material” needs to be saturated with oxygen – and immediately into salt. We mix and spread on a parchment covered baking sheet a pillow from a third of the mixture. Beef is placed on it, from above we cover it with salt, like a blanket – but so that there is not a single click for leakage.
Now – in the oven at 220 degrees. To set the salt enough for 20 minutes, after this we simmer – reduce the temperature to 150 degrees and leave for another 20 minutes. Salt accumulates heat, and brings beef to readiness on its own. After that we take it out and, not letting it cool, set it on the table.
The guests are in shock: the squirrel turned red and turned golden in color, turning the salt carapace into a sturdy sarcophagus. But the ideal roast beef is something for which you can break any barrier: hammer in your hands and go!

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