How to cook kebab in different countries?

Maldives kebab grilling vertically

So, what do the Maldivian masters of barbecue art. They also pickle meat and put it on metal skewers. But fry it like this:

You see, skewers are located around burning coals. And the skewers are upright. The method can well be adopted if you do not have a barbecue, but there is an opportunity to make such a bonfire.

Shish kebab tofu from China

From bean curd tofu make kebab in China. To cook it, you need to know a few tricks. Before you do something with tofu, you need to squeeze it. Best of all – put under the press and let the liquid drain. This is necessary so that after tofu can soak in the marinade.
You can marinate tofu in any sauce. The Chinese themselves leave it for an hour in sweet and sour sauce, or just in soy. But you can use barbecue sauce, or a classic salad dressing of wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.
A delicious kebab tofu, which is baked to a crisp, while remaining tender and soft. In order for tofu to have such a crust, some component providing caramelization must be added to the marinade. A choice: a teaspoon of sugar, honey, or maple syrup.

After the kebab is marinated, we put the tofu on wooden sticks. So that they do not burn out, in the cooking process, there is this trick: let the sticks get wet properly, leaving them in the water for half an hour. Here on such soaked skewers we dress pieces of tofu. You can intersperse them with any vegetables. Celery – fits, onions – too, cherry tomatoes – great.
We send the skewers to the grill, the kebabs will be ready in 6-8 minutes and will look something like this:

Brazilian BBQ Churasco
Shashlik Churasco (or Shurasco) – Brazilian national symbol. Churasco is prepared from various products – meat, chicken hearts and even pineapple.
But, nevertheless, the main Churasco – meat. Most often, churasco is cooked in large chunks, not small ones, as is customary with us. Shmat meat weighing about 1 kg is pickled in a mixture of lime juice, lemon, pepper and garlic. So that such a piece is properly saturated with marinade, it must be kept in it for 8 hours. Such barbecue is also not fried quickly. However, until the meat is fully cooked it is not cooked here – the meat always remains with blood. Often, the top fried layer of meat is cut off from the prepared churasko, allowing the next to bake. It’s about the same as when cooking shawarma.

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