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How to cook barbecue in the oven, if you can’t get to the country? For workaholics and real city dwellers spending their weekends in megacities, our recommendations.
A bit of barbecue in the apartment – what is needed in the middle of a sunny banned weekend. Do everything according to the rules, and understand that you can arrange a holiday without bonfire coals and burning eyes of smoke.

In the preparation of barbecue, as close as possible in spirit and taste to the “coal”, there are two things that you have to put up with. The first is the absence of smoke, which is successfully replaced by “liquid smoke” from any supermarket. The second is the focus of heat. The coals and spiral of the oven are completely different sources of heat. Of course, a lot depends on whether your oven has a grill, convection, or other smart features. But the oven always remains the oven: its main danger is the overdrying of meat.

That is why for barbecue in the oven you need to practice a special approach to the choice of meat. Lamb or young pork will be an ideal option, veal will be more or less suitable. The best lamb is the upper part of the thigh, the same is true for pork. But in the case of veal, the main value lurks inside the carcass, under the costal vertebral part.

Now the fun begins: to protect the meat from overdrying, we take fat tail fat in addition to it (look for it in the markets).

The meat must be cut into pieces, no larger than walnuts, and lard – pieces even smaller. All together you need to marinate. Oven marinade is special. Vinegar marinade recipes are not suitable for such a barbecue. Oven marinade is extremely sparing.


  • three pinches of salt
  • a pinch of red pepper
  • pinch of zira
  • a pinch of coriander
  • two pinches of turmeric
  • juice of one lemon

Vinegar, if added, is only sprinkled and only for the purpose of creating an association with the “bonfire” option: the meat structure is softened thanks to citric acid. Mix the pieces with the marinade, cover with a film and leave to marinate for at least an hour and a half.

Cooking in the oven has a number of features. The first is skewers: ordinary metal ones do not fit, they simply do not fit into the oven. Use bamboo pegs. They can be bought at any large supermarket, most often they are used for yakitori. Before use, such skewers must be soaked in water so that they are saturated with it and do not catch fire in the oven.

Getting to planting. We start with a piece of meat, then a piece of fat. Each kebab should be completed with bacon, closing the meat and protecting it from overdrying. This is how it will look in its finished form:

Please note – it’s not worth it to push the pieces too tightly. Let the heat penetrate between them and melt the lard. You can give a bonfire spirit to barbecue by putting apple chips in the oven, pouring them into a frying pan and laying them on a lower level.

We bake meat on bamboo skewers laid on a wire rack and placing a foil under them with spread out slices of thinly sliced ​​fat. It will act as a kind of buffer and smoke replacement: due to the reflective properties of the foil, heating will occur somewhat more slowly, but, in the end, the fat will begin to smoke. As a result, the smack of smoked meat will be applied to the baked surface of the meat – albeit less than in comparison with coals.

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