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Fruit decor

One of the simplest ideas and see how great! Fill lemons with a beautiful glass bowl. It turns out a bright color accent for the interior. The most important thing is that you have the right can at hand – a large and unusual shape. We recommend English banks Walmerwhich, in addition to making them look pretty good, also due to their extremely affordable price.


Bouquet in cabbage

And this is perhaps the most creative idea with flowers that we had a chance to see. Cabbage acts as a vase. Such a composition looks fantastic. Making it, in general, is easy. Head out of the cabbage. Cut the top of the cabbage horizontally and very carefully cut the leaves and the stalk inside so that a small hole is obtained. You can proceed further in two ways. You can fill the hole with a floral sponge (a green water-retaining sponge, sold at flower shops), or you can simply put a small container of water inside. After that, it remains to put flowers and choose a beautiful stand for this bouquet. Our suggestion is to use dishes that themselves look like cabbage. Such a bright dish is made of glass, and thermal printing is applied from the back, imprinting it in glass so that it does not wash out under any washing.


My love is carrots

Carrots with uncut tops adorn the interior no worse than a luxurious bouquet! You can use it one by one, as in the picture on the right, or you can combine it with flowers – here orange flowers are best suited: tulips, alstromeries, small roses. Carrot bouquets due to the size of the carrots and tops are high. Accordingly, you need a high transparent capacity. Try to use such jars for storing cereals as a vase – they are great in size.


Eat me!

This idea is from a slightly different opera. Gather such vegetable bouquets – it seems that the salad is ready for dinner. The main thing you need is cutting down for cookies, which you cut vegetables in the shape of flowers, if it is not at hand – wield a knife: this, of course, will take more time, but nevertheless, the task is quite feasible. What’s next? You will need celery stalks, toothpicks, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, spinach leaves and cucumbers. The technology for collecting the bouquet is as follows: cut off a small piece of celery stalk, stick a toothpick into it, and plant a carrot or tomato, or a figured cucumber on its other end. You send all this beauty to a glass (it is better – a thermal glass) and add spinach leaves. Water should be cold, then the bouquet will be fresh longer. That is why a thermal glass in which water does not heat up quickly is preferable.


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