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It is unlikely that anyone will argue: the main subject in the business of cooking meat is a knife. A smoothly cut piece is even tastier – it preserves the juice, evenly fried, because the fibers are not wrinkled with a blunt blade.

What is a good meat knife? How to find him? What are the criteria?

A meat knife should not be abstractly good, it should be good for you. We don’t feel high-quality shoes on the foot, all we feel is that the walk is easy and there is no fatigue at the end of the day. So it is with the right meat knife – it should lie in your hand like a glove and no matter how much you cut and chop pieces, you should not feel that your hand is tired.

To make the knife comfortable for you, its handle must be commensurate with the size of your palm. It will be inconvenient for a fragile woman with a small hand to wield a cleaver, no matter how elite he is, as well as a large man with fist sledgehammers, an average meat knife will not work. Your palm should merge with the handle in one piece, it should cover almost the entire handle, outside the palm of the palm should remain quite a bit.

The second important point for a meat knife (and for any other) is the balance of the blade and handle. Often, knives claiming elitism have noticeably weighty handles. It’s hard, they thoroughly fall into the hand. This weight is almost guaranteed to impress – a solid thing! But no, if the handle outweighs, pulls on itself, the knife is worthless, it will not be convenient with it. A light and heavy knife can be good if the manufacturer managed to balance the blade and the handle.

Everyone who once wants to find a good meat knife for everyday cooking, alas, will surely find that there are a lot of abstract good knives, and finding a knife just for yourself is not so simple.
That is why we are so excited about the new line of the Swiss brand Zyliss, whose team ambitiously decided to end this complexity and create a collection of knives where anyone can find an option for their own hand.

So, the first novelty to pay attention to:

Designers of the brand thoroughly worked on the pens, and as a result, this is – oh yes – they turned out super-convenient.
There is an emphasis at the very end of the handle, so that the hand has no chance to slip. There is a wonderful hollow at the junction of the handle and blade, where it is convenient to lean your finger when slicing. The balance is excellent.
Creating a collection, Zyliss worked with focus groups, calculating how heavy knives would be comfortable, what options for the length of the blade are suitable for different people, what kind of knife grips are used most often. Based on these tests, the collection is done.
Here is a video about her:

Another great knife to look out for is Jamie Oliver. The famous chef has his own brand of dishes, under which he produces exactly those models that seem most convenient to him. Jamie Oliver pays special attention to knives. Its cutting knife is suitable for both raw and cooked meat, as well as for poultry, even for fish!

What good is Jamie Oliver’s knives? They are simple, without tricks, reliable,
durable, comfortable. Jamie Oliver is not a theorist, but a practitioner. He cooks a lot and knows that in
In such a situation, the price of everything is not just a good knife, but a knife that is suitable immediately for a lot.
Therefore, the cutting knife that Jamie released, although it was created primarily for meat,
also suitable for poultry and even fish.
The knife blade is made of German stainless steel. Why is it good? This steel holds grinding for a long time, it will be rare to grind.

According to the parameters, Jamie Oliver’s meat knife is medium-large: the total pancake is 32.5 centimeters, the blade length is 19.5 cm, and the handles are 13 cm long. Convenient detail – a metal plate with the name of the knife is fixed to the end of the handle.
If the knife is stored vertically in the stand, thanks to the inscription it is easy to identify among others.

The new BODUM line, eleven meat knives!

This year, the famous Swiss brand BODUM released a huge line of knives as part of the BODUM Chef series. In total, it includes 21 models, of which 11 knives are designed for various work with meat! The rest are knives for different types of cheese and several models of knives for vegetables and bread.
Such a wide choice is a rarity. Typically, the number of meat knives for brands that do not specialize in knives alone does not exceed 2-3, and here are eleven! Unprecedented luxury. What can be found in the collection?

Three sirloin knives, one of which, with a rounded tip, is used primarily for thin slicing ham, and can also be used as a knife for slicing tender salmon.

Three options for a chef-knife (which means you will definitely pick up a model for your hand!). Blade lengths: 15, 20 and 30 cm.

Also in the collection you can find a meat cleaver, a santoku knife, a wonderful boning knife that separates the meat from the bone at a time, a knife saw and a classic steak knife.

Even from the photo you can see how good these knives are, and taking in your hand you feel how nice and good they fit into it. Perfect balance and pay attention to the solid emphasis on the end of the handle – it will be comfortable to work with a knife.

The collection is about to go on sale in Russia, and now you can book your favorite models, because the collection is released in a limited edition!

By the way, this year the legendary brand BODUM is 75 years old, so most likely, there will be many more interesting crockery produced in small runs.

Knives Walmer Professional

The Walmer brand managed to produce excellent professional-quality knives, while keeping the price low. And along with the fact that these knives periodically fall into different sales promotions, this option seems all the more tempting. The knives in question are part of the WALMER Professional line. These are forged knives made of high-quality 3Cr13 high-carbon steel with radial polishing of the blades.
Directly for meat here is one knife – chopping. The blade length is 18 cm, slightly less than average, it is more suitable for a female hand. A little larger universal, including including for meat, chef and santoku knives.
Since there is no emphasis on the handles and the bend of the handle is small, it will be difficult to cut with such a knife for a long time, but for occasional cooking, they will work – an excellent quality blade and stylish design, coupled with a reasonable price, completely atone for this drawback.

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