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Developing the topic of oils, today we decided to study what to do with soybean, grape oil, as well as what is made from walnut and flax seeds. All of them are quite widely sold.

Soybean oil

At the plants, soybean oil is put in bread and all kinds of pastries, mayonnaise, margarine – so if you think you have never tried it – most likely this is not so.
Where to determine soybean oil? If you seemed to have a bottle of this oil, make something Chinese! This is a traditional ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Soybean oil goes well with rice. In addition, refined soybean oil is excellent for frying – it only smokes with very strong heat. Soybean oil is of great benefit – it contains many important acids, vitamins K and E, lecithin. It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, liver, to improve vision and strengthen the central nervous system.

Walnut oil

This is one of the most expensive oils. Firstly, nuts are not the cheapest product in the world, but not only that: this oil lowers blood cholesterol and is considered one of the best products to increase immunity. In addition, in terms of the level of vitamin E it can even be reckoned among the champions.
What about use? You can’t fry in such oil, but you can add to salads. The oil has an intense nutty flavor, so add a couple of drops, just a little bit. Drop by drop, to enrich the taste, it can be added to baking. It works well in oriental dishes.

Linseed oil

Popular linseed oil is not accidental: it contains even more than fish oil in its essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, and the entire range of other beneficial substances is also present. The use of this oil will replace fish in fasting or with vegetarian food, it also speeds up the metabolism – suitable for diets. However, frying will not work on it, when heated, it becomes incredibly bitter – it has some bitterness in its fresh form. Suitable for dressing salads, cereals, cooking sauces. Interesting combinations – linseed oil and honey, or kefir and yogurt – enhance the useful properties of these products, and for colds, it is recommended to season sauerkraut with this oil. Another oil with a similar amount of fatty acids is mustard oil, which is also popular during dietary and vegetarian meals, as well as in oriental, especially Indian, cuisine.

Grape oil

Grape oil can become a substitute for sunflower oil – it’s just fine to fry on it! Therefore, it is used for fondue and deep-fried meat, fish, vegetables, sometimes even mamaligi, as well as for the preparation of marinades and canned food. With a delicate taste and a light nutty aroma, grape oil accentuates the taste of ready-made dishes – from spaghetti to vegetables. The composition and nutritional value is similar to sunflower, it copes with the prevention of many diseases, a spoonful of this oil will make up the daily intake of vitamin E.

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