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Grechaniki – Ukrainian dish, juicy appetizing cutlets, the basis of which, as the name implies, is buckwheat. The second main ingredient is meat. Greek people often make pork, another traditional option is with liver.

Both options are good, but the one with the liver is a bit more complicated due to the fact that for such a Greek you need to get a fat net, you can buy it on the market. This is such a thin fatty membrane, which is used as a cover for home-made sausages.

For liver liverworts, it is also needed precisely as a shell; they are wrapped in it so that they hold their shape during frying. Well, she also adds appetite, as it is fried with a delicious golden crust. But the Greek people with pork without problems keep their shape and without a grid.

But, you know, Greek with liver and Greek with pork – to taste, these are two completely different dishes.

Greek people with pork taste like ordinary cutlets. If you do not know that they have buckwheat in them, then it is quite possible not to notice it there. But the hepatic Greek people are not like anything but themselves.
This is a unique dish that, if you have not had a chance to try, you must definitely cook at least once!

Greek people with liver

  1. Boiled buckwheat – 1 cup
  2. Liver – 0.5 kg
  3. Fat net – about 0.5 kg
  4. Onion – 1 pc.
  5. Egg – 1 pc.
  6. Butter for frying
  7. Pepper, salt – to taste
  8. milk for soaking the liver – optional

Cooking should begin with the preparation of the fat net. It must be put soak in water for 2 hours. While it settles down, you can also soak the liver, pour milk into it for 30-40 minutes. But if you do not want to mess around – soaking the liver can be skipped.

We pass the liver and onions cleaned from fillets through a meat grinder, mix with cooled buckwheat porridge, add salt and pepper. All knead thoroughly until smooth. The mass will turn out to be quite liquid. We cut the fat grid into large rags, there, so that each of them is larger than the size of the future cutlet, three times. We lay out the grid on the board and put a portion of the mixture on it. Wrap and send to a hot frying pan with butter and fry until golden brown.


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