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Spinach pancakes are about the anticipation of spring, the freshness of the opening leaves, this is real joy on your table. Taste spinach does not add pancakes, but beauty – yes.
Spinach pancakes can be baked with plain flour and whole grains. On the photo are pancakes from ordinary wheat. From whole grains they turn out to be less beautiful and uniform in color, but more useful. Whatever flour you choose, you need to fry pancakes with a minimum amount of oil, or better without it. This is possible if you have one of the new trendy oil-free frying pans. About them and other subtleties – read below.

  1. milk – 1 cup
  2. flour – 1 cup
  3. olive oil – 50 ml
  4. eggs – 3 pcs.
  5. spinach (fresh / frozen) – 250 g
  6. sugar – 1 tablespoon
  7. salt – 2-3 pinches
  8. water – 1/4 cup or a little more

You can cook pancakes with fresh and frozen spinach. If you use frozen, let it thaw slightly, but do not bring it to full defrost – it will be more difficult to grind it.

And to fresh and frozen spinach, before you grind it with a blender, you need to add a little water, about 1/4 cup. The presence of liquid will help to smoothly grind spinach and get such a beautiful bright mass.

Pour the spinach into a bowl and mix it with eggs, milk, sugar, salt, olive oil in it. After this, add flour, stirring so that there are no lumps left. You should have a medium-density pastry with a consistency resembling low-fat sour cream.

After mixing, cover the dough with a film and let stand for half an hour – let it rest, the tastes will combine. After this, you need to once more mix the dough and start baking pancakes.

Here it is necessary to keep in mind this: like any pancakes, these, in the process of frying, can brown. On the green surface of the pancake, rosy spots, which for an ordinary pancake would be an ornament, look ugly brown blotches.

If you want a perfect green color, avoid roasting. This is best done if you fry pancakes with a minimal amount of oil or without it at all. You can fry pancakes without oil, but for this you need a special pan. Such pans, created specifically for pancakes, really exist. Their secret is in a special multilayer non-stick coating and competent heat distribution on the surface. The right combination of these factors, indeed, allows you to cook pancakes without oil, although it is difficult to believe in it until you try. For example, Walmer has such a frying pan in the Stonehange collection.

If you don’t have a special frying pan, apply the oil. To apply it as thin as possible, there is an old trick. Do not pour oil into the pan, but apply it to the surface with a circle of raw potatoes. Poke such a piece on a fork, dip in oil and wipe the pan with it.
So, fry the pancakes without overexposing them, turning them over and removing immediately as the dough was baked.
Spinach pancakes look luxurious with salted salmon or caviar.
From such pancakes you can make a delicious snack cake, read his recipe HERE.

In fact, spinach pancakes are far from the only option for color pancakes. You can tint the dough with beetroot, tomato, carrot juice. Making rolls from such pancakes is a special pleasure. Use fillings contrasting with the color of the pancake shades and you will get real beauty.

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