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Chinese cabbage is also cabbage, we thought, and prepared cabbage rolls with it.

But since the wrapper wrapper is not classic, we’ll also experiment with the filling.

By the way, every time we take cabbage rolls, we recall that this is one of the most ancient dishes that exist in nature. Surprising thing, they were prepared in ancient China and in modern Chinese cuisine, many dishes for which cabbage rolls were a prototype.

As for our stuffed cabbage, we set out to cook a very delicate dish, both in texture and in taste. Therefore, for the filling we use poultry – turkey or chicken. Ideally, chop it with a knife, and not crank it in a meat grinder, it turns out much tastier. Since poultry meat can be a little dry, we need all sorts of moisturizing ingredients and we use grain cottage cheese and tomato for this.

The leaves of Chinese cabbage, like ordinary cabbage, must be properly scalded with boiling water. The thick white part at the base of the leaf is usually very convex in Chinese cabbage, it must be cut with a knife so that it does not interfere with folding cabbage.

  1. Chinese cabbage – 8 sheets

  2. Chicken or turkey fillet – 300 g

  3. Large tomato – 1 pc.

  4. Grain curd – 2 tbsp.

  5. Fresh greens: parsley and / or cilantro and / or onion feathers, 6-10 branches, finely chopped

  6. Fresh champignons – 5 amount

  7. Salt and pepper – to taste

  8. Vegetable oil – to lubricate the mold

  9. For the sauce:

  10. Tomato paste – 2 tbsp.

  11. Water – 1/4 cup

  12. 5-6 sprigs of parsley or dill, finely chopped

  13. To submit:

  14. Sour cream

  15. Chopped garlic, herbs – optional

Chop the turkey or chicken fillet with a knife. Chop the tomato and mushrooms in the same way. Mix by adding chopped herbs, cottage cheese, salt and pepper.

Place the cabbage leaves in a large bowl, so that they are straightened to their full length and pour boiling water over. Leave it to stand for 3 minutes. After that, cut the white hard part of the sheet with a knife or beat it with a wooden hammer until soft.

Now prepare the mold, greasing it with vegetable oil, and fold the cabbage rolls. Lay out tightly, taking care not to leave gaps.

Prepare the sauce by mixing tomato paste with water and herbs. Sauce the stuffed cabbage on top with the sauce.

Put in the oven, preheated to 200C for 40 minutes.

Serve with sour cream, you can sprinkle it on top with chopped garlic and herbs.

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