The secret of cooking cutlets


The whole truth about cutlets, or the story of how the family recipe for the family of Fedor Chaliapin fell into our hands

Recently, we, not at all in culinary matters, were in the museum-apartment of Chaliapin – the very one who said “Hey, let’s die” and “Down Mother along the Volga”. After the tour, we were lucky to talk with Zinaida Davydovna – the head of the museum. Unnoticed, with high topics about music and theater, the conversation turned to mundane objects – in particular, it was about cutlets.
Chaliapin, generally speaking, was a big fan of food and meatballs, by the way, he valued no less than the premiere of Hamlet at the Bolshoi. And for good reason. Zinaida Davydovna shared with us the family recipe of the Chaliapin house. It seems that it was precisely because the cutlets of this recipe are so tender and juicy that Chaliapin was so devoted to them.
In general, this recipe is exactly the same as dozens of other cutlet cooking instructions. But there is one secret in it. In the culinary business, it is precisely the little things and details that decide everything. So, reluctantly, we give out the secret of the Chaliapin cutlets: SMETANA!
Well, now, in order:
Make minced meat.
Soak crumb rolls in milk. While milk is soaking bread, grind in a meat grinder, or chop finely chopped onions in a blender. When the loaf is sufficiently wet, also pass it through the meat grinder. After this, mix minced meat, bread crumb, onions, add black ground pepper, a little chopped greens – dill, for example.
Prior to this stage, all hostesses are usually unanimous. All together recognize and onion, and bun, and pepper. But now the next stage forces the culinary specialists to split into two warring camps. One of them insists: “you need an egg in cutlets!” Others say “cutlets only get stiff from your egg!”
Chaliapin recipe is the case when friendship won.

In general – the subject of contention – the egg – is put in cutlets in order to achieve their strength. Such cutlets do not fall apart, as in a frying pan do not turn them over. But, really, such cutlets cannot be called tender.
In accordance with the Chaliapin recipe, you need to drive an egg into the minced meat, but to make it good for the cutlets, and not to the detriment, add a solid tablespoon of sour cream with a sure hand. It’s possible with a slide.
This simple trick prevents cutlets from becoming tough. Cutlets turn out magnificent and juicy.
Bow to Fedor Ivanovich.

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