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It is a real pleasure to hold in your hand an object made of perfectly polished natural wood. Wooden utensils are becoming more fashionable and this is understandable: it is made of environmentally friendly material and is unique due to the unique natural pattern of each item.
However, there is a “but.” Wooden utensils can be uncomfortable and impractical if they are made from unsuitable wood — too soft, easily damaged, and absorb moisture.
Acacia, beech, cedar, yew – those materials, the dishes of which will be of high quality. Bamboo can also be considered a suitable material if it is specially treated.

Coffee pot French press Walmer Bamboo

Very rarely, French presses are made of something other than glass and plastic. So the French press that you see is a completely unique case. The lid and handle are made of specially treated bamboo so that it is durable and does not swell from moisture. Everyone who appreciates the eco-style in the interior must definitely have such a French press to brew herbal teas in it: let nature reach for nature!

Serving Dish Monkey Pod Flower

Dishes of this type are intended primarily for dry snacks or sweets. For example, for nuts and dried fruits. The presence of compartments is a big plus, especially for those situations when you set the table in a small size, where it is problematic to place several separate containers with different types of snacks. The tree this dish is made of is acacia. This is a big plus, because acacia is one of the hardest breeds, which means that there will be no problems with washing such dishes. If you do not soak it overnight in a basin with water, but confine yourself to ordinary hand washing, everything with such a dish will be fine.

Bodum Boll Boy Salt Mill in Dark Wood

Here is such a cute salt shaker and pepper shaker, recently released by the Swiss brand Bodum. Looks like sports weights, right? Both the salt shaker and pepper shaker are produced in both dark and light wood.

Mortar and Pestle Premier Housewares

Mortars are rarely made from wood because it absorbs odors. However, the brand Premier mortar turned out so beautiful that I want to forget about it and focus only on beautiful patterns of wood. What if you want to use a wooden mortar, but do not want it to be saturated with the smell of spices? Like this: after use, wash the mortar, wipe dry, and then wipe with a slice of lemon. In the event that you grind something particularly corrosive in the mortar, which lemon processing does not cope with, you need to pour dry rice into the mortar and leave it overnight, and then wipe it with lemon.

Bright Spice Mill Walmer Tower and Dark Walmer Tower Spice Mill

And this is a more traditional version of the mills for salt and pepper. A clear acrylic case combined with a wooden top and base turned out to be a spectacular combination, right? Transparent walls – this is convenient, you can always see how many spices are left inside. The feature of these mills is ceramic knives. They are good for this: they don’t stupid for a very long time, but more importantly, they do very well with spices. What is the matter here? They can be very hard (like salt, for example) and quite tender, such as pink pepper. Knives of a good mill should chop both products equally well. These mills do quite well.

Paper towel holder Premier Money Pod

The holder for a paper towel seems to be a very prosaic detail in the kitchen, however, admire how beautiful it becomes if it is made of a noble material – wood.

Serving Bowl Walmer Safari

This bowl is made from excellently crafted acacia. It can serve not only fruits, but any salads. Due to the quality processing of wood, it can be washed like ordinary dishes, the only limitation is not in the dishwasher.

Walmer Safari Dish Round

Such dishes are ideal for serving cheese or meat cuts. the surface of the tree will stand if you add moist canned olives to these snacks. But sun-dried tomatoes in oil – this is not the same wine snack. which can be put on such a dish.

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