What do they eat on the streets in different countries?

Paris – French fast food is roasted chestnuts. On the streets, chestnuts are cooked in special pans with a hole that looks like woks.

If you are offered a fist – do not refuse. In general, the French like to eat on the street – even fresh and crunchy baguettes they buy and eat right there – on the go. Among other street delicacies – the finest pancakes, cider, sweets.

AT Amsterdam a national street treat, if you can call it that, is a herring. The herring season is the time from May to July – then it is very tender and fresh. Dutch street dogs will make you a Dutch hot dog: instead of a sausage, a herring with pickled cucumber and onions is put in a bun.

Taste is the most delicate. Along with the Belgian neighbors, the Dutch also sell fresh waffles with cream and jam on the street, and paper muffins with fried potatoes, which are very generously watered with mayonnaise. The latter is certainly junk food, but the first two are quite the opposite.

In Germany stunning sausages are sold even on the street. The main snack of beer festivals is also sold in ordinary street stalls for a minimal cost. There is also a bratwurst – grilled pork sausages, and white sausages, and bokvurst – boiled sausages.

Istanbul claims to be the city with the most diverse street cuisine. It is fed with corn and chestnuts stuffed with mussels and fish sandwiches. Döner is a traditional street dish, somewhere called kebab or shawarma. The essence is the same – thin strips of meat (except for pork, of course), vegetables, onions in pita bread or a bun. Here in Turkey, kebab is especially good. The main street dish is kokorech, a frequent beer snack is the fried and finely chopped offal, which are served in a tortilla. Another touching affection of the Turks is bagels with sesame seeds, simits, which are eaten for breakfast and with tea.

For exotic, of course, you should go to Asia, for example, Thailand or China. Kebabs of meat, fish or all possible marine life, fried bananas and noodles with eggs, nuts, vegetables and sauce – the most sparing options for street food. In a big move, there are crispy insects on sticks – larvae, grasshoppers, in short, all that many of us would eat last.

They say that insects are not only super-rich in protein, but also quite tasty, like peanuts or chicken legs.

Our popular falafel and hummus are kings Israeli street kitchen. Balls of chickpeas, herbs and spices are fried in oil until crisp, while they remain soft inside.

Ready falafel is put in pita, cabbage and vegetable salads are sent there, all this is generously seasoned with hummus and hot sauces. Honestly, putting this design on a plate is unlikely to succeed – it will fall apart. So once you take such a pita in your hands, you have to eat everything to the end. Such a sandwich will be equally full and hearty dinner for vegetarians and meat eaters.

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