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We share a collection of life-hacking chicken tricks.

For juiciness

So that the baked chicken is not dry, soak the carcass before cooking in a solution consisting of:

  1. 60 g salt
  2. 30 g sugar
  3. 1 liter of water

The procedure will give effect if the chicken spends in such a solution for about 8 hours. If you do not need to soak a whole bird, but parts of it, then it will be enough to hold for 3 hours.
When there is absolutely no time for soaking, you can use the technique of unscrupulous meat sellers – extrusion. Inject the carcass with the same solution, give it microinjection over the entire surface. After that, you don’t have to wait anymore – you can cook right away.
A weak saline solution helps the juice to remain in the carcass during baking, and not drain onto a baking sheet. Therefore, the most boring cyanotic chicken will come out of the oven with a real pava.

For crisp

Does baked kritsa have a delicious crisp on top, but not on the bottom? Will not work. Use a round muffin baking dish; you need the type of mold that has a hole in the middle.

Place the chicken vertically in the center of the mold. Juice will drain into the container, and the chicken will be baked from all sides. By the way, if you fill the form with chopped vegetables, then they will remarkably bake in the juice draining from the chicken

Fry wings and legs? Want to make a crisp? Before cooking, salt the wings by mixing salt with baking soda. The crust will be as it should.

Muddy broth? Never!

Chicken broth, you almost follow, becomes cloudy and from that takes on a completely unappetizing look. Accept? No.
To overcome this culinary misunderstanding, there are two life hacks.

The first is freezing. Freeze the broth, wrap the ice block in several layers of gauze and let it unfreeze in such a way, placing it so that the thawed substance drains into the pan. All the turbidity will remain on the gauze, and the broth will be transparent.

The second is egg white. Pour the whipped protein of one egg into the muddy broth, stirring constantly. Heat the broth to a boil while continuing to stir. Let it boil for a minute or a little more, then remove the protein with a slotted spoon, it will collect all the broth turbidity. The procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary until the broth reaches the desired level of transparency. However, a single use of protein already gives a tangible result.

Chicken skin

Often it is simply thrown out, sometimes put in soup. But chicken skin has a unique ability: it can turn into an amazing seasoning that gives the taste of chicken to any dish – it can be added even to soups, even to salads, even to pasta.
Fry the chicken skin in a skillet until crunchy. Fry over low heat, so as not to burn the skin reached the state of the chip.

Grind the fried skin into a powder with a blender.
Now you have a magical remedy for giving any dish a magically appetizing aroma of fried chicken.

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