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In this post, we have compiled a collection of basic tips on cooking fish, basic but not the most obvious rules for handling it.

Tina taste in river fish

The classic way to rid a river fish of a specific smell and taste of tina is to soak it in milk.
However, there are more interesting options. For example, fish can be watered with pickle pickle. If the abdomen is torn, spill the fish inside this substance.
White wine will also cope with this task. Sprinkle the fish with wine and then pat dry with a paper towel.

We change the lemon for fish to oil

What you need to serve lemon to fish, everyone knows. But it turns out that lemon is not a universal rule at all. Lemon is a good pair for oily fish, along with any other products with sourness, for example, the same tomatoes. For low-fat fish, which for this reason can be dry, you do not need a lemon at all, but a completely different additive – melted butter, which will radically transform the taste of fish. Pour your portion with melted butter and try – a completely different matter!

When to salt?

Right before cooking. Not 10 minutes before it. Directly in front of him. Salt draws fluid. For fish, any loss of moisture is fatal. Salt – in immediately onto the fire.

Steamed fish

No fish is more tender than that which was steamed. And of course, we all remember that this is the most dietary of the ways to prepare it.

There is a wonderful secret that allows you to make such a fish especially tasty – all the spices (except salt) that you want to season it, pour not on the fish itself, but in the water that you pour for steam.

For example, anise, wine, soy sauce, lemongrass, rosemary can be added to water.

Bonus – the apartment will be filled with aroma all the time while the fish is preparing.

Fried fish crisp

Fried fish can be any kind of delicious and delicious, but this will not be of any use if you do not try to turn its skin into a deliciously crispy crust.

How to ensure that the skin is fried to a crunch? Powder it with spices or a thin layer of flour, put the fish only on a hot pan, use only non-stick pans. These are three incredibly simple rules that do not look like “chef’s secrets” at all, but they are exactly that.

Decipher what for what:

– Spices / flour – both one and the other component is needed in order to dry the surface of the fish before frying. Dried, it does not stick to the pan, instantly grabs and can fry. And wet skin has almost no chance of not sticking to the surface of the pan.

– In order for the fish to be crisp and at the same time tender, juicy pulp, put it on a frying pan, warmed to the maximum. The oil in the pan should be heated to the point where it should have started to burn in a couple of seconds. At this very moment you must send the fish to the pan.

– Any, even the most beautiful pan without a non-stick coating has less chance of cooking fish well than the simplest pan, but with a whole, non-beaten life, non-stick layer. Even a slight sticking to the surface for the fish is fatal. There are no chances to cope with this task in stainless steel, cast iron or even more fashionable all-ceramic frying pans.

Butter for fried fish

You need to fry the fish in refined vegetable oil. But when it is almost ready, throw in a pan 1-2 teaspoons of butter, as soon as it melts, start pouring melted butter over the fish and continue to do so until the end of cooking. If you want to season the fish with spices and herbs, for example, thyme, then you need to throw them in melted butter. It absorbs the essential oils from herbs and the taste from spices and communicates it to the fish much more successfully than if you just shake all the same ingredients on the carcass itself. Fish that was watered during frying with melted butter will be juicy and appetizing.

Grilled fish

The key to cooking fish on a real grill and in a grill pan is the perfect cleanliness of the grill itself. If you see that soot has already formed on the edges of the grill from long use, if you feel the relief on the edge of the grill with your finger, do not use it for fish.

If everything is fine with the surface of the grill, then grease it with a cooking brush with vegetable oil, and then grease the fish itself. Only after that cook.

How to remove the smell of fish from the dishes?

Wipe with a slice of lemon, the knives can also be wiped with vegetable oil.

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