Barbecue Kakheti from pork belly, step by step recipe with photo

1. Cut the pork belly in identical pieces (each should have a rib and a little fat). Kakhetians believe that good fresh meat does not need to be pre-marinated, but if desired, make a marinade of good wine vinegar, onion, sliced ​​in half rings, salt and black pepper, fold the meat tightly into the marinade and cover. Leave for 1-6 hours.

2. Take skewers wide and flat so that the meat does not turn over when frying. String the meat so that it runs along the skewer, not hanging from it. The pieces on each skewer must be of the same size and quality to fry evenly.

3. Light the coals in the barbecue – they should turn up with white ash. Put the skewers at a distance of 10-15 cm from the coals and fry, not forgetting to turn them often. 15 minutes. for the full frying of fresh meat is enough – then it will begin to char.

4. In a large bowl, chop the onion coarsely, take a chunk of tonis puri and use it to remove the hot skewers from skewers, pouring them with onions – it absorbs the taste of meat, slightly “fries” and becomes a separate snack.

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