Pork kebab recipe, step by step recipe with photo


Step 1

We prepare the necessary ingredients for pork skewers

Barbecue is not just a passion, it is a science where there are pros and apprentices. In general, they say that, like pilaf, a man should cook kebab, apparently, meat should feel his grip and temper, figuratively, of course.

Step 2

Cut pork

First of all, we prepare the meat for pickling, it should be at room temperature, so put it out of the refrigerator in advance. Before cutting, be sure to wash the meat.

Cut a piece of pork into pieces.
The perfect pieces are somewhere around 5×5 cm, or so. We put in a plate convenient for pickling, such that it was convenient to mix all the ingredients.

Step 3

Chop the onion for barbecue

Next, let’s cut the onions. In general, it seems to me that onion in the marinade plays almost the main role after meat, of course. He soaks the meat with his juice, making it extremely tender.
Cut the onion into thin half rings and add to the meat.
LIFEHIK- if there is little onion or you want a more juicy kebab – then three onions on a grater. Luke need 2 times less!

Step 4

Pickle pork

We fall asleep with pre-prepared spices, for a total of 1.5 kg of meat, it takes about 2-3 tablespoons without a slide.

Vinegar is an amateur supplement, someone adds 6%, someone and all 9%. I like the solution weaker, it does not give a sharp vinegar taste. By the way, vinegar can be bred with mineral water. It is good if there is little time for pickling, bubbles speed up the process.

Step 5

Leave the meat to insist for a couple of hours

Then we mix everything, do not hesitate to think of meat and onions. Cover the cup with cling film and leave to infuse for a couple of hours.

Step 6

String pork skewers

As soon as the meat is pickled, we string it on skewers, it is desirable that the pieces are located close to each other and have the most similar size – this is important for uniform cooking. Skewers, personally, I use wooden ones – it’s both environmentally friendly and very convenient, but also a plus in the matter of hygiene.

Step 7

Fry pork skewers

Skewers on skewers. The coals are ready. It’s time to fry. I recommend not turning the meat very often so that it does not lose its juiciness, but not very rarely, so that you do not have to eat coals. Well-pickled meat cooks very quickly – 15-20 minutes.

Step 8

Pork skewers ready

Ready-made barbecue in combination with fresh vegetables and pickled onions is an ideal summer dish. Bon Appetit.

Helpful advice

Along with classic birch firewood, you can use wood from fruit or berry trees: apple, plum, cherry, etc., with them the meat acquires an unusual taste. It is better to refuse resinous species (spruce, pine), as kebab will have a bitter taste.

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