Shish kebab Beshpanja, step by step recipe with photo

Beshpanja (means palm, five, literally “five fingers”) is a special kebab that is formed immediately on five skewers. Beshpanju is made from the pulp of lamb or beef and even from strips of lamb ribs. Especially good is a kebab of beef tenderloin and fat tail. “A worthy emir,” they would say in the East. The tenderloin consists of two fragments located on both sides of the spine, in the lumbar. The uniqueness of this muscle is that it practically does not work, which is why the meat there is very tender and does not require a long heat treatment or pickling. But the addition of fat does not hurt him.

Kebab Beshpanja


  • beef tenderloin – 1.2–1.3 kg
  • tail fat – 700 g
  • onion for serving – 2 onions
  • a mixture of freshly ground zira, coriander and red hot pepper – 1 tbsp. l
  • salt to taste


Step 1

Cut the tenderloin into 21 strips, 7 per beshpanja. The strips should have increasing length: from 10–12 to 20 cm. The thickness of the strips is about two centimeters, approximately the same width.

Step 2

Ask for a piece of fat fat to cut off a similar shape or buy it a little more than you need.

Step 3

Cut the fat into strips of the same size as the meat, or smaller. The number of bands is 18 (6 per one beshpanju). The length of the strips, as in the case of the notch, varies in increasing order: from 10–12 to 18 cm.

Step 4

Prepare 15 skewers, dividing them by 5. Lay out strips of meat on a cutting board “in height” – from short to long. Put fat in the same way. Put 7 strips of meat of increasing length and the same 6 strips of fat into stacks: put the same strip of fat on a short strip of meat, then again the meat, but more authentic, etc. Finish with a long strip of meat.

Step 5

String the edges of the stack into 2 skewers. Lay out the structure on the table by unrolling the skewers so that their blunt ends touch or intersect. Flatten strips of meat and fat. Poke them with the third skewer in the middle. The fourth and fifth skewers will pass on both sides of the middle, at an equal distance. As a result, you will get a striped fan of meat and fat, the “ribs” of which are skewers.

Step 6

Rub the meat on the fans on both sides with spices and salt. Cover with a napkin and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Step 7

Light the coals – they should burn well and turn into white ash. Fry bechpanji on smoldering charcoal until golden brown.

Step 8

To garnish, chop the onion into thin half rings, rinse and sprinkle with red hot pepper. Serve with Beshpanja immediately.

By the way

When serving, the beshpanja is cut along the skewers directly on the table, only the bottom layer remains intact – the cut strip, so as not to violate the five-skew design.


Cooking time

2 h 30 min

Servings Per Container

3 pcs.

Cooking difficulty





Deli Book: Uzbek Home Cuisine

Table of weights and measures

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