Shish kebab from crucian carp, step by step recipe with photo

Crucian carp is the simplest fish. Someone buys, and someone catches himself, you can cook anything with him, including barbecue.

Shish kebab from crucian carp




  • 2 kg crucian
  • mayonnaise 3 tbsp. l
  • soy sauce 3 tbsp. l
  • dill 1 bunch
  • a mixture of peppers 1 tsp.


Step 1

Cooking fish for barbecue

We clean the gutted fish, cut into portioned pieces.

Step 2

Add dill mayonnaise to the chopped fish

Add mayonnaise, soy sauce, finely chopped dill, pepper to the fish.

Step 3

Marinate fish for cooking barbecue

Mix and leave to pickle.

Step 4

Barbecue fish

We lay the fish on a barbecue grill and fry over hot coals.

Step 5

Ready kebab from crucian carp

Shish kebab from crucian carp is ready. Bon Appetit!!!


Preparation time

1 hour

Cooking time

30 minutes

Servings Per Container


Cooking difficulty





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