Beef noodles with beef and soy honey sauce

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Egg noodles with beef in soy-honey sauce cooked on a wok is an easy-to-use and very tasty Asian dish.

Wok in the home kitchen always impresses guests. In addition, wok is indispensable for preparing rice and noodle dishes, and dishes in a wok are prepared very quickly – as a rule, they take no more than 10 – 15 minutes. And it’s so interesting to experiment with the ingredients – replace and add them to your taste. But if your kitchen does not have a wok pan – take the usual one, it is also quite suitable.

There are very few ingredients in this Asian-style beef noodle recipe — meat, vegetables, nuts, and egg noodles. I use egg noodles for this recipe, but you can take rice or buckwheat – any, to your taste. A very important point – all the ingredients for the dish must be prepared in advance. Because during cooking in a wok you will not have a minute to cut something. The wok requires the constant presence and participation of the chef) I use sesame oil in the recipe. Of course, you can replace it with the usual one, but if you do not want to lose your taste, choose sesame. In general, sesame oil is an indispensable and very useful product in the preparation of Asian dishes.

I’m sure the recipe for beef noodles with beef in soy-honey sauce will be one of your favorites!

Beef (fillet or soft portion)
Bulb onions
Egg noodles
Cashew nuts
a handful of
Soybean sprouts
Sesame oil
for wok frying
Salt and pepper
For the sauce
Soy sauce
Liquid honey
2 tablespoons
2 heads
1 piece
Corn starch
10g (1 tablespoon)

Instruction manual


Start by making the sauce. Combine soy sauce with liquid honey and mix with finely chopped garlic. A special and important ingredient is lime. It takes one lime juice to balance the sauce. Squeeze lime into the sauce with your hands to the last drop. And add ten grams of corn starch – to thicken the consistency. This is about one tablespoon. Mix everything thoroughly and the sauce is ready. Set aside for now.


Broccoli, beef and onions need to be prepared in advance. Just divide the broccoli into inflorescences and cut large bunches in half. Cut the onion into thin rings (20 grams will be enough). Cut the beef into thin slices. Thinner – the meat will be softer and cook faster (you can beat the meat a little before cutting). In general, I believe that the thinner the meat is sliced ​​for this dish – the tastier it turns out.


Boil the noodles following the instructions on the packaging. The noodles should be ready but not digested. A wok can be set on fire when all the ingredients are prepared: broccoli, onions, beef, seasonings, boiled noodles, sauce, nuts, soy sprouts and oil. When the pan is heated, add sesame oil, then onion and beef. Stir quickly without being distracted, otherwise the meat will burn. (The whole point of wok is that the products are not stewed, but fried at high temperature, preserving the juices and tastes inside under a crispy crust). Salt and pepper, fry for several minutes.


Now add broccoli and a little more oil to the pan (you can add during cooking if you see that the oil is evaporated). Add the soy sprouts, nuts and mix again.


Now send the wok noodles. Add the noodles in small portions and mix immediately with vegetables and meat.


And almost immediately after the noodles, pour the honey and soy sauce.


Stir still two minutes and the noodles are ready! The sauce due to starch, as it were, binds all the ingredients.


In Asia, there is such a saying – if you do not know how to eat noodles, listen to others. And they say so, because an important part of Asian etiquette is to draw noodles with your lips into your mouth. Therefore, when you eat Asian noodles – do it out loud and with appetite! And be sure to retract, as required by the protocol)

Beef noodles with beef and soy honey sauce

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