Cheesecakes without eggs

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Will tell you the recipe for the most Serikovich cheesecakes, lush, dense and beautiful, only 4 ingredients: cheese, flour, sweetener and salt.

How about these cheesecakes one of my podistica: “Usually think of what to add to improve. And then, it turns out, it is necessary to remove”

Here I was all unnecessary and was removed! Left all only saimoe required))

And the result, and work is already 5 years old, gentle, hearty and incredibly delicious cheesecakes.

No doubt, important in cheese – curd. It can be any fat content, but it must be soft and not too wet. Very good for cheesecakes, soft, fine curds briquettes.

Rice flour can replace wheat flour or semolina. But rice flour is still useful))

As a sweetener, I use Splenda Hitparad. If you make pancakes with sugar, then it must add no more than 1 teaspoon (no slides), 100 grams of cottage cheese. Sugar provokes the cheese on the excretion of fluids. And cheese with the excess fluid, or spread out or stick.

400 grams
Rice flour
4 tablespoons
to taste
to taste


1. Mix all ingredients to a smooth paste. I usually do it by hand.

2. Form the cheesecakes. If the cheese is good, right, if the curd turns thick, soft and not too moist, roll the cakes in flour does not even have to. Will not stick and will not fall apart.

3. Fry the cheese cakes on a heated pan, greased with a small amount of vegetable oil on medium heat (I have 5-6 of 9). Between the turned over be sure to cover the pan with a lid.

PS Bon appetit!

The result

Mmmm… cheesecake! Warm, delicious, soft cheese… Add sour cream, honey, fresh berries and a Cup of cocoa… the Perfect Breakfast!

Cheesecakes without eggs

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