Oatmeal with Orange Syrup


Hercules long cooking
80 g
Whole wheat flour
80 g
2 pcs
Kefir 3.2%
120 g
Jerusalem artichoke syrup
100 g
4 g
Baking powder
5 g
Red orange
190g (2 pcs)
Mix cereal with cranberries
45 g
Corn starch
5 g

If you follow calories, then this dish is for you – it has enough protein and not too much fat.

1. Grind oatmeal. Add remaining dry ingredients.

2. Beat eggs, add syrup, beat again. Add kefir and mix thoroughly.

3. Combine liquid and dry ingredients, mix thoroughly. The consistency will be like a cupcake.

4. Lubricate the shape of a small diameter with oil, lay out the dough.

5. Bake at 180 degrees ~ 50 minutes before dry toothpick.

For orange icing with syrup.

6. Grate the zest of orange. Cut the orange into thick rings.

7. Pour the second part of the syrup into the pan, warm and put in 1 layer, maximum 2 slices of orange.

8. Let it boil, add a third of a teaspoon of corn starch, let it boil a little more.

9. Decorate the finished cake with boiled slices of orange, pour with syrup, sprinkle with zest.

P.S. This is an excellent variant of a sweet dish, balanced according to the KBJU. KBZhU per 100 g 191 / 6.4 / 5.4 / 30.3


This is a very useful gingerbread, and its taste is 100% made by syrup and red orange slices boiled in it, it is definitely worth preparing.

Oatmeal with Orange Syrup

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