5 minutes and a delicious salad ready!!!

5 min.


  • crab meat (crab sticks) – 200-250 gr.
  • tomato – 2-3 PCs
  • hard cheese – 100 gr.
  • garlic – 2 cloves
  • sour cream – 2 tbsp

Step-by-step recipe

Today I will share with You a very quick salad recipe. Preparing easy, simple and in just 5 minutes. Salad, due to the combination of ingredients is simply delicious.

First crab sticks or crab meat cut into small cubes and spread them in the salad bowl. Tomatoes also cut into cubes and put in a bowl. Then RUB on a small grater cheese. Also RUB on a fine grater garlic. Our next salad dressed with sour cream, mayonnaise or yogurt and mix well. Quick and tasty. All a pleasant appetite!

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