Cheesecakes 50/50



  • cottage cheese (moderately moist, without seeds) – 600 gr.
  • salt – 1 tsp. (without slides!)
  • sugar – 4 tbsp
  • vanilla sugar – 2 tsp
  • rice (raw) – 200 ml.
  • water – 400 ml.
  • flour for breading, about 25 grams.
  • vegetable oil (odorless) – about 3 tbsp

Step-by-step recipe

Let’s cook a delicious, juicy and very economical cheesecakes.

1. 200 ml of rice wash it under running water.

Please note that the number of grains given not in grams, and volumes.

Do not use parboiled rice: with him cheesecakes will not work.

Drain on a sieve, let drain excess liquid.

2. Pour into a saucepan 400 ml of boiling water and send to the same Fig.

Wait until the water boils again, cover tightly and cook over minimum heat for 20 minutes.

Allow to cool completely.

The result is about 600 grams that is such a wonderful sticky rice, so the egg bundles will not be required.

3. Place in a bowl the cottage cheese.

Need a product without seeds.

If they are still present, pre-wipe the cheese through a sieve.

Add the cooled rice, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt.

Carefully knead the meat.

4. From time to time moistening the palm of cold water, salmon burgers.

I got 20 fairly large curd weighing about 60 grams each.

Bread a product.

When possible, choose rice or corn flour: they do not burn when frying.

5. In a frying pan with hot oil, put cheese cakes.

Cook on both sides until a nice flush of color.

Fire is the middle.

I periodically switched the knob heating in the range of 3-4 out of six possible.

The finished dumplings put on a plate with paper towel to get rid of excess fat.

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