Chicken Salad with Radish and Cucumber

60 min


  • chicken breast – 1 pc.
  • radish – 6 pcs.
  • cucumber – 1 pc.
  • egg – 3 pcs.
  • green onion – bunch
  • salt
  • mayonnaise

Step by step recipe

1. Boil chicken and cool.

2. Boil eggs and cool.

3. Cut the radish and cucumber into cubes.

4. Separate the squirrels from the yolks.

Separately grate the yolks and squirrels on a fine grater.

5. Chop green onions.

6. Chicken breast cut into small cubes.

7. You can mix all the ingredients by adding salt to taste and seasoning with mayonnaise.

And you can collect in layers: chicken, salt to taste, mayonnaise, cucumber, mayonnaise, egg whites, salt to taste, mayonnaise, green onions, radishes, mayonnaise, egg yolks.

Garnish with a rose for the cucumber.


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