Dessert – Royal Potato Cake



  • ingredients for 4 medium potatoes:
  • biscuit:
  • eggs – 3 pcs.
  • flour – 75 gr.
  • sugar – 90 gr.
  • potato starch – 15 gr.
  • cream:
  • soft butter – 100 gr.
  • condensed milk – 70-80 gr.
  • sprinkling:
  • cocoa – 1-2 tablespoons
  • utensil:
  • shape with a diameter of 16-17 cm, foil or parchment

Step by step recipe

Make a biscuit:

eggs divided into proteins and yolks.

Beat the whites until light foam, then add half of the sugar in parts from the total volume, beat the whites until the peaks are tight.

Add the remaining sugar to the yolks and beat until fluffy.

Sift flour and potato starch into whipped yolks, mix.

Then add part of the proteins and mix well.

Then add the remaining proteins and mix gently so that the dough remains light and airy.

Cover the bottom of the form with foil or parchment, lay out the dough.

Bake the biscuit in an oven preheated to 180 g until cooked.

Take out the finished biscuit and leave it to cool slightly in shape.

Then freeze the cooled biscuit from the mold and transfer to the wire rack.

Leave the biscuit to dry for the whole night.

The next day, prepare the cream: beat the soft butter until smooth, then add the condensed milk and beat again.

Set aside half a teaspoon of cream for decoration (potato sprouts).

Remove the golden crust from the biscuit and grind it into a small crumb in a blender.

Put the crumbs in the cream and mix.

Collect the mass into a ball.

From the mass, take a slice and make a kind of potato.

Potato size to your liking.

I did averages.

I got 4 medium potatoes.

Pour cocoa into a bowl and dip our potatoes on all sides.

Put on a plate.

Make small holes in each potato.

Put the deferred cream into a bag or pastry bag and squeeze into these pits.

You can serve!

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