Easter egg salad # Easter

60 min


  • cod liver – 1 can
  • potatoes – 1 pc.
  • carrots – 1 pc.
  • red onion, small onion – 1 pc.
  • chicken egg – 3 pcs.
  • quail egg – 6 pcs.
  • greens: dill, parsley, green onions
  • mayonnaise

Step by step recipe

1. Cook potatoes and carrots “in their uniforms”.

Hard-boiled quail and chicken eggs.

We cut the red small onion very finely and scald it with boiling water, then drain the water, throwing the onions into a colander.

Take a dish in which we will serve salad.

We draw the shape of an egg with mayonnaise.

2. Lettuce will be collected in layers.

The first onion layer is red + mayonnaise.

It is very convenient to use a silicone spatula. Grate potatoes on a medium grater.

3. Spread a layer of potatoes.

I did not smear it with mayonnaise.

Fat cod liver, knead it, drain the oil first.

It will not be useful to us, but it will be very bold.

Spread the liver on the potatoes.

In carrots, you need to cut a slice and leave to decorate the salad.

Rub the rest on a grater and spread on top of the liver.

4. Coat the carrots with mayonnaise.

Squirrels from 3 eggs and 2 yolks are rubbed separately.

We keep one yolk.

We will make a chicken out of it.

Spread the yolks + mayonnaise.

5. The last layer is proteins.

I did not brush them with mayonnaise.

6. Decorate the salad.

She made the chicken out of the yolk, which she left, a scallop, a beak, a wing made of carrots.

Decorated with greens and carrot flowers.

I painted the peeled quail eggs in a food coloring.

7. She covered the salad with a lid and sent to the refrigerator to insist and soak.

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