Fish under marinade, classic recipe

30 min.


  • fish – 600 g
  • carrots – 2 PCs.
  • onions – 2 PCs.
  • vinegar 9% – 50 grams.
  • salt – 2 tsp
  • sugar – 2 tsp (no slides)
  • water – 100 gr.
  • tomato paste – 1 tbsp
  • pepper – 5-6 pieces
  • cloves – 5-6 pieces
  • cinnamon, Bay leaf, ground pepper, vegetable oil for frying.

Step-by-step recipe

I have the fish cut into fillets (you can buy ready-made), but in the dining room did not, but we are not in the dining room and cook for the family.

Cut fish cut into portions.

Next, prepare the rest of the products.

Chopped small onion straws.

RUB carrot on a large grater.

Take the flour, salt, add pepper, roll the fish in it, pour in a pan the oil and fry it both sides until cooked.

Ready the fish until clean.

Fry onion until soft, add to it the carrots and fry all together, add salt, put sugar, vegetables, fry until cooked, put the tomato paste, stir.

Add water, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, pepper mix (optional), Bay leaf (a couple of minutes remove it). Cover with a lid and put it all 10 – 15 minutes.

At the end of cooking add half a Cup of vinegar, add salt and sugar, give it to writing a rolling boil (salt and sugar can be put at once).

Prepared marinade remove from heat and pour them in the prepared fish.

Cover and put to marinate for 8 hours, but you can eat as soon as cooled marinade.

The fish is marinated. Spread it on a plate with the marinade.

It can apply as an independent cold appetizer, or with hot boiled potatoes. It turned out sharp with rich tomato taste, well, very tasty.

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