Homemade chocolate-hazelnut Nutella two ingredients



  • to prepare the chocolate-peanut butter Nutella at home:
  • nuts – 200 gr. (traditionally, Nutella is the taste of hazelnut, but you can use any nuts)
  • chocolate 50-200 gr. (amount of chocolate can be adjusted to your liking depending on how much chocolate spread you want to get in the end)
  • salt – 1 pinch
  • optional
  • cocoa
  • powdered sugar
  • honey
  • butter
  • condensed milk
  • dry milk or cream

Step-by-step recipe

1. Nuts need to sear in the oven, heated to 180 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Do not skip this step, the nuts become much more aromatic and delicious.

Clean the nuts from the husk.

2. Add to the nuts a pinch of salt and grind them in a blender.

If you have a powerful blender, just in 1-2 minutes you will have a homogeneous hazelnut paste. If the blender is less powerful, then blend in 2 sets.

At first it will seem that the pasta is not obtained, and remain grains nuts, but go ahead grind nuts warms up, one of them will stand out the oil and the process will go faster.

In order to help the blender work you can add a little (about 0.5-1 tsp) of butter or oil.

When chopping, the blender may become hot.

3. Warm walnut pasta add the chopped chocolate (milk or dark) to taste.

They will quickly melt, and you have a real chocolate bar.

I added 50 gr. milk chocolate and a little cocoa for a more saturated color. Put Nutella in a jar.

After the fridge it will be even thicker.

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