Homemade mozzarella



  • milk home – 2 l
  • vinegar 9 % – 7 tbsp
  • salt – 1 tbsp

Step-by-step recipe

1. HOME milk (raw) to bring to a temperature of 50 degrees – if you dip your finger will be hot, but you can keep.

2. Gradually warm the milk, stir a spoon of it to introduce the vinegar to the formation of the yellow whey and cheese curd.

Vinegar may need a little more or a little less.

To catch the clot, add salt and whey and heat it to 70 degrees.

It’s already hot.

Put the cheese ball in a hot serum and leave for a minute, remove with a spoon and stretch hands.

Fold and again put into the hot whey.

Repeat a few times.

3. Form a ball and leave to cool.

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