Julienne in the pan



  • chicken fillet 2 PCs.
  • mushrooms 300 gr.
  • onion 1 PC.
  • cream 20% 200 ml.
  • cheese 100 gr.
  • vegetable oil
  • ground black pepper
  • salt

Step-by-step recipe

Heat the pan with vegetable oil.

Fillet cut into small pieces and put into pan.

While roasted fillet, finely chop onion, add to chicken, cover and simmer.

Meanwhile, chop the mushrooms cubes or plates, put the mushrooms in the pan the meat and onion, salt, pepper and cover again, simmer 5 minutes.

Then pour cream, promoseven another 5 minutes and sprinkle the dish with grated on a large grater cheese.

After 2-3 minutes remove the pan from the stove.

It is very tasty, you can cook for lunch or dinner, serve with any side dish or as a separate dish.

Bon appetit!


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