Korean Eggplant Vegetable Salad


  • bell pepper red
    2 PC.
  • eggplant
    2 PC.
  • tomatoes
    2 PC.
  • bulb onions
    1 head
  • vinegar 9%
    1 tbsp
  • sugar
    1 tsp
  • garlic
    6 cloves
  • spices for korean carrots
    1 packaging
  • greenery

Bell pepper


  • To prepare eggplant, peel vegetables and cut them into small slices. Put eggplant in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. Set aside for 30 minutes. At this time, peel seeds from peppers, peel onions.
  • Cut vegetables into thin strips and put in a high pot or large bowl. Eggplant under the salt started up the juice. It is necessary to drain and squeeze the vegetables. Fry eggplant in vegetable oil. The more juice you squeeze, the less oil will be needed for frying.
  • Now you should combine fresh vegetables with fried eggplant. Add crushed garlic, spices for Korean carrots and drizzle with vinegar dressing. Garnish the Korean-style Eggplant vegetable salad with sprigs of greenery.

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