Moldavian layer pie with cabbage



  • for exhaust test on vertuty we need:
  • water – 250 ml.
  • wheat flour – 500 gr.
  • salt – 1 tsp
  • vegetable oil – 50 ml.
  • for the filling:
  • sauerkraut – 1 kg.
  • onion – 1 PC.
  • vegetable oil (for frying)
  • egg (for greasing baking)
  • sesame

Step-by-step recipe

Let us start to test

1) Pour a bowl of 250 ml of water at room temperature.

2) Add 1 tsp salt and stir to crystals dissolved completely.

3) Then add 50 ml of vegetable oil.

4) stir in Pieces 500 g sifted wheat flour.

First, combine the ingredients with a whisk, then when the dough becomes very thick, continue kneading the dough by hand.

Should be soft and very elastic dough (Hands can be lubricated with vegetable oil to the dough not sticking to hands)

5) Cover the dough with cling film and leave for 40 minutes at room temperature.

While the dough is “resting” we will prepare the filling for vertut.

6) Slice the onion and sauté it until Golden brown, then sent to the onions sauerkraut and fry it also until Golden brown.

7) At the expiration time we divide the dough into 4 equal parts.

8) the Working surface is lubricated with a thin layer of vegetable oil on it and roll out the dough.

First, it can be done with a rolling pin, and then just stretch arms thick areas.

The finished layer must be very thin.

Cover it with vegetable oil.

Digressing a little from the edge, put the rest of the filling.

To cabbage was enough for all vertuty, divide it also into 4 parts.

9) First roll the dough into a tight loaf.

Then a long blank screw snail.

Similarly, forming the other pies.

10) vertuty Spread on a baking sheet covered with parchment, brush with beaten egg and if desired sprinkle with sesame seeds.

11) vertuty Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 35-45 minutes until Golden brown.

Allow the cakes to cool slightly and serve!

Bon appetit!

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