Nostalgia salad

15 minutes.


  • chicken fillet (boiled) – 500 gr.
  • red onion – 1 pc.
  • mayonnaise – 3 tablespoons

Step by step recipe

It is advisable to use red onions in this salad.

It is sweeter and looks aesthetically better in a salad.

But even if you do not have it, it does not matter.

Try with regular onions.

I cut red onion into thin half rings.

I add salt to cold water and mix well.

I spread the onions in water for 10 minutes so that all the bitterness comes out.

If your onion is very sweet, for example, such as “Crimean” you can not soak it at all.

And if it’s white, burning, pour boiling water over it and then immediately lower it into salty cold water. This action will remove the bitterness.

I boil the chicken breast in advance and leave it to cool.

The meat needs to be pulled.

You can disassemble by hand, I use two forks.

Put the meat in a deep bowl.

In order to make it easier to “catch” onions from the water, I initially used a sieve.

I take out a sieve with onions and shake well to remove water from the onion.

Add onions to the meat.

There it remains to add mayonnaise.

I do not add any spices or salt.

Enough of the salt that is in mayonnaise.

I mix all the ingredients.

I spread the ready-made salad in the salad bowl and for decoration, add greens.

ALL!!! This is the whole recipe. Isn’t it really that simple? But try and see how tasty it is. Bon Appetit. And how I cook this salad, you can watch in a short video. THANK.

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