Salad “Male whim” with meat


  • beef, pork
    500 g
  • hard cheese
    300 g
  • the eggs
    4 PC.
  • mayonnaise



  • Boil eggs and meat. Cut the boiled meat into cubes, transfer to a container in a small layer, spread with mayonnaise, sprinkle with pickled onions, diced. Cut boiled eggs into small cubes, sprinkle with pickled onions, spread with mayonnaise.
  • Coarsely rub the cheese, sprinkle with onion, spread with mayonnaise. To pickle the onion, you need to cut the onion and put in a half-liter jar. Sprinkle with allspice, add cloves, vinegar, pour water to fill the jar. Set aside for ten hours. Salad “Male whim” with meat to decorate with herbs.

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