Salad of radish, carrots and cucumber with corn

10 min.


  • carrot 1 PC.
  • corn 100 grams.
  • cucumber 1 no. (medium)
  • radishes 6-7 PCs
  • mayonnaise .
  • black pepper .
  • salt .
  • green onions .
  • parsley .
  • dill .
  • Basil .

Step-by-step recipe

To prepare a delicious salad prepared the necessary products. Random strips cut seven pieces of radish and put in a deep bowl, then julienne slice one cucumber and add to bowl.

Pretty finely cut the herbs according to your taste and put the bowl. Add in the bowl one hundred grams of canned corn. On a coarse grater grate some pretty big carrot and put it in a common bowl.

Salt with black pepper added to the salad to taste and fill it as well to taste with mayonnaise, then mix all ingredients. Put the prepared salad in portioned bowls and served to the table.

Cooking, cooking easy, cooking salad of radish, cucumber, carrots and corn at home together! Enjoy your meal my Dear friends!

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