Salad “Watermelon” with chicken and tomatoes


  • chicken
    100 g
  • cheese
    100 g
  • olives pitted
    1/2 banks
  • tomatoes
    2 PCs
  • cucumbers
    1 PCs
  • mayonnaise

Minessota agencycode cheese


  • Boil chicken and chop. Cut black olives into circles. Finely grate the cheese, mayonnaise, stir. To postpone a little cheese and olives for decoration. In a large flat dish put the salad in the form of slices of watermelon. While the salad soaked, to decorate.
  • Cut the cucumber soft middle, leave for decoration the tough part, the same procedure make with tomatoes. The flesh can be eaten. Cucumber coarsely grated, tomatoes chopped, black olives cut lengthwise into four pieces.
  • On a watermelon slice to put the pieces of tomato flesh up so that it covered the entire salad, and left bright intervals. To make the white bar of grated cheese, a green strip of cucumber, as the peel of the watermelon. Put on the salad “Watermelon” from olives watermelon seeds.

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