Salad with cucumber and smoked cheese

10 min.


  • ingredients
  • cucumber – 1 PC. (large)
  • eggs – 2 PCs.
  • cheese – 100 gr.
  • onion, dill, parsley – a small bunch
  • garlic – ½ cloves
  • sour cream, salt
  • pepper

Step-by-step recipe

Slice the cucumber in small cubes and send it in a salad bowl.

Also cut into small cubes eggs

Send them to the cucumbers.

To the salad add cheese I smoked, the shell will cut off, but you can not do this.

I cut it in small cubes. Send in a salad bowl.

Then finely shred the greens I have fennel parsley and green onions. Spread in a salad bowl.

Finely cut half cloves of garlic, add the rest. Salad salt, perchu, fill with sour cream. All mixed well and spread on a plate

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