Shortbread cake with strawberries at home

65 min.


  • wheat flour 250 gr.
  • baking powder 1 tsp.
  • butter 90 gr.
  • chicken egg 2 PCs.
  • sugar 50 grams.
  • salt
  • for the sour cream sauce:
  • sour cream 350 gr.
  • chicken egg 2 PCs.
  • sugar 100 gr.
  • starch 20 gr.
  • vanilla sugar 1 tsp
  • strawberries 250 gr.

Step-by-step recipe

For cooking delicious shortbread cake, prepare the necessary products.

Pour into a bowl two hundred and fifty grams of sifted flour, one teaspoon baking powder, salt to taste and mix all the ingredients.

Put in a bowl with the flour ninety grams of soft butter, then mash in the butter with flour into crumbs.

Two eggs broken in a bowl, then pour into it fifty grams of sugar, mix well and pour the egg mixture into the bowl with flour mixture and knead the dough.

The resulting dough a little knead, then put in a plastic bag and refrigerate for one hour.

Put in a bowl three hundred and fifty grams of sour cream, then divide and add two eggs, pour a hundred grams of sugar, and twenty grams of starch, one teaspoon of vanilla sugar and stir until smooth.

Medium-sized pieces cut into two hundred and fifty grams of strawberries.

After one hour put the dough into the pan and distribute it evenly.

Mix well and pour cooked sour cream fill in the form with the dough, then spread on top sliced berries.

Sent the form in a preheated to one hundred seventy five degree oven and bake the cake for thirty five minutes.

Cooking, cook simple, cook delicious sand cake with strawberries at home together!

Enjoy your meal my Dear friends!

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