Swabian dumplings

30 minutes.


  • dough:
  • flour 150 gr.
  • vegetable oil 1 tbsp
  • egg 1 pc.
  • water 2-3 tbsp
  • salt pinch
  • filling:
  • minced meat 300-350 gr.
  • bow 1 pc.
  • garlic 1 tooth.
  • green onions
  • jusai (wild garlic)
  • egg 1 pc.
  • crackers 4 tbsp
  • salt, black pepper, spices for meat

Step by step recipe

The dough for German dumplings is the easiest, egg, flour, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of oil and water (water 2-3 tbsp).

Knead well and let the dough lie down, wrap in a bag.

For the filling, one onion and a clove of garlic are fried until golden.

All this is added to the stuffing.

Stuffing in the original recipe is used from Bavarian sausages, but I took the usual stuffing and seasoned it well with spices for meat (I have a special mix, Munich).

Salt, pepper and egg are also here.

Another distinguishing feature of this filling is a lot of greenery.

The Germans add spinach, leek.

My replacement from the garden is a bunch of green onions and jusai.

Grind everything and add to the meat.

Roll out the dough in a long and wide strip, quite thin.

In the center of the prepared strip we spread the minced meat, a dense sausage.

It is better to grease the edges of the dough with an egg, after which we alternately wrap each edge.

Using a wooden stick, divide the resulting roll into portions.

We push well so that the dough sticks together.

With a pizza knife (it’s more convenient for them), we cut the glued dough and get large Swabian dumplings.

Cook dumplings in vegetable (or seasoned) broth.

After boiling for about 8 minutes.

Good, with or without broth.

The following week, he promised to cook a double portion at home.

Well, very tasty!

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