Tasty salad with crackers


  • canned white beans
    200 g
  • canned corn
    200 g
  • cooked sausage
    150 g
  • mayonnaise
    150 g
  • hard cheese
    100 g
  • crackers
    40 g
  • cucumbers
    2 PC.
  • garlic
    2 cloves
  • ground black pepper
  • green onion
  • salt

MayonnaiseFresh Cucumbers


  • Open cans with corn and beans. Drain the liquid. Put half of each jar in the salad bowl. Cut fresh cucumber and boiled sausage into small cubes and add to the salad bowl.
  • To let the salad have the aroma of smoked meats, you can use smoked sausage. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater or cut into a very small cube. Chop green onions, garlic through a press.
  • Mix all the ingredients, salt and pepper to taste. Add mayonnaise. Thoroughly mix the salad and put a beautiful slide on the dish. Sprinkle with croutons before serving. Tasty salad with crackers can be served.

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