Three-Products Salad

15 minutes.


  • tomatoes – 2 pcs.
  • smoked sausage (or smoked breast / ham) – 200 gr.
  • processed cheese – 1 pc.
  • sour cream / mayonnaise
  • garlic

Step by step recipe

Cut tomatoes into large slices.

Cut the sausage into strips

Start picking salad

We take the ring, if not, like mine, then you can roll the foil for baking, as in the photo.

We spread the tomatoes with the first layer, grease them with prepared mayonnaise with garlic, I use sour cream (not so greasy).

The second layer is sausage, it is also lubricated with mayonnaise.

The last layer is processed cheese (I take two) – grease the cheese with plenty of mayonnaise.

We remove the ring, decorate the salad.

Everything is ready, you can serve it on the table.

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