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The vegetarian movement in Russia has a long and long history. The most famous Russian vegetarian is probably L.N. Tolstoy, but there were many other famous people who led a vegetarian lifestyle, but were not remembered at all by this. Strong-barbel Ivan Poddubny is a legendary athlete. The artist Repin, who ate, according to him, “cleansing the body and soul” and planted vegetarianism so eagerly, that once the writer Bunin fled from his summer house, fleeing the prospect of eating wholesome food. Vegetarians were the famous botanist and grandfather of Alexander Blok – Andrei Beketov, the artist Nikolai Roerich and even Ivan Pavlov – a physiologist who set up experiments on dogs, but at the same time tried to adhere to the ideas of humanity.

In honor of World Vegetarian Day, we compiled a selection of ten unusual and proven vegetarian recipes.

Lentils with oranges

A bright orange mix of lentils and orange, depending on how you emphasize spices in it, can be a soup, or it can turn out to be a dessert. A recipe with a deep artistic background: it is known that it appeared in Paris in the 1920s, in Montmartre and was a popular treat in the artists’ workshops, which we now know as 20th century classics.

Caramelized Baby Carrot

Caramelized carrot is a wonderful and boring side dish, and a snack, and an excellent children’s afternoon snack. Not at all like ordinary carrots, youyaby carrots are even more transformed by sweet topping.

Fennel soup

They love fennel without memory or hate it with the same intensity – it has a very specific taste. If fennel is your product, then you will like the soup. This is one of those dishes that really can impress – so we recommend that you keep its recipe for the case when you want to surprise guests with a delicious dinner.

Vegetable Nuggets

Vegetable nuggets turn boring broccoli, spinach or carrots into a much more appealing meal – crispy things that kids especially like.

Vegetable-fried pea porridge

A hearty meal made from simple ingredients – pea porridge with multi-component vegetable roasting. If you want to add intrigue to the dish and make it turn from a simple rustic food into a trendy dish with a Pan-Asian accent, add grated ginger and a generous portion of turmeric to the recipe.

Parsnip Carpaccio

Vegetable carpaccio is really tasty and unusual. In carpaccio, vegetables should be raw, but chewing raw parsnips or celery is sad. Interesting marinades are called for help. In this case, for pastrenac we use a soft, without aggressive ingredients marinade, which helps the taste of parsnip to open up for the better.

Mushroom bourguignon with spelled

Mushroom bourguignon is a vegetarian interpretation of the famous French meat dish boeuf bourguignon. The most important role here is played by wine, in which the components of the dish are prepared. In the process, the wine is evaporated, turning into a luxurious thick sauce. In a word, you have to try.

Cauliflower stewed with tomato, cinnamon and mint leaves

This is a traditional Greek recipe that combines tastes that in Russian cuisine are in no way associated with cauliflower: cinnamon and mint. But not without reason this is a famous dish – try it and you will regret that you did not prepare cauliflower like that before.

Crispy banana balls

Small pieces of banana in a light batter are cooked instantly – what you need in a hurry for breakfast in the morning.

How to make perfect fried tofu?

Fry the tofu so that it has a crisp, and the core remains tender and creamy? Not so simple, everyone who tried to cook it knows. Learn to roast tofu like a chef! The first thing to know is that not every tofu is suitable for frying, and the rest is inside the post.

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