A simple asparagus recipe by Molokhovets

First, Elena Ivanovna will teach us how to cook asparagus.
Here’s what she writes about this: “Peel the asparagus from the upper skin, wash, cut off too long stalks, tie bundles with Dutch threads, cook in salt water until soft, lay on a sieve, remove the threads; when the water drains, put on a dish on a napkin with the heads in the middle cover with a napkin so as not to cool. “

Here we comment: it is convenient to clean asparagus with an ordinary potato peeler. From the lower end of the asparagus, as a rule, you need to cut 1-3 cm – this is a rough and tasteless part of it.

How long it takes to cook asparagus depends on the thickness of the stems. Green asparagus is usually ready in 3-8 minutes. Check the asparagus for readiness with a fork. Pierce the boiling stem – it should not be too soft, but should be easy to prick and be soft enough.

For asparagus, Molokhovets offers several different sauces. We liked two.

Sauce with breadcrumbs

This sauce, by the way, is not only suitable for asparagus, but also for many vegetables. Cauliflower, for example.
Melt about 80 grams of butter in a saucepan (Elena Ivanovna writes: “Take fresh, chukhonsky butter!”). Pour 3 tablespoons of white crackers into the liquid oil. The butter should soak the crackers, and they, in turn, brown.

Yellow sauce
Boil a spoonful of butter, 3/4 cup cream and 1.5 cup water, in which asparagus was boiled, boil, cool slightly.
Grind 5 yolks with 2 tablespoons of sugar, dilute with a gentle sauce, pour into the rest of the sauce, stirring, beat with a whisk or just stir over the fire until it reaches the hottest state, until steam goes out, but does not boil.

We recommend everyone to try this dish, it is not only much healthier than fast food dishes, but also very tasty

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