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We are extremely fond of falling to the roots. They are, in that cartoon: “terrible in the face – kind inside.” Well, maybe not good, but tasty, but the essence is about the same: the contrast of form and content.

Most of the roots have a rather spicy taste and if you do not consider them as seasoning, which gives a hint to the main taste of the dish, then the main use that you can think of is a stewed side dish. Almost any root, when peeled, chopped and flavored with olive oil, is perfectly baked in the oven with sour cream sauce.

One of the cutest looking roots is fennel. Its shoots are good in salads, but the lower part, which, although not underground, formally appears precisely as the root, perfectly adapts to many dishes. With one caveat – fennel has a specific taste. You either accept it and become a fan, or you completely reject it. Closest to all is the taste of fennel to anise.
Fennel is a hero, mainly of Mediterranean cuisine. Eating it fresh is difficult: it has a very intense taste. After heat treatment, fennel becomes more docile and tender.

The best examples of fennel are young, medium-sized roots. The greens growing from them should look cheerful and fresh: without yellowness and decay. The general rule for cooking fennel is this: cut off the greens, eliminate the outer coarse layer, leaving only the tender part. Cutting fennel into quarters, you can bake it with or without sauce. Cutting thinly, you can cook it for a couple (12-15 minutes), decide to simmer – spend about 40-50 minutes. Store fennel is wrapped in a damp cloth and put in a plastic bag.

  1. 1 fennel root
  2. 1 leek
  3. 1 potato
  4. 3 cups vegetable stock
  5. 3 tablespoons butter
  6. 60-70 gr lightly salted salmon
  7. 2 cups kefir
  8. 1/2 cup sour cream
  9. salt, pepper – to taste

Cut the fennel and leek and fry it in butter. Most likely, no more than 1 tablespoon of oil will go into the frying. Save the rest for later. Boil the potatoes. Transfer it hot to a food processor, add the remaining oil, fried fennel and leek, chop. Then add sour cream, salt and pepper to the mixture, mix. Then dilute the mixture with broth, heat in a saucepan. After that pour kefir. Ready soup will be slightly warm, you can reheat it. After spilling on plates, put in each a few pieces of fish.

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