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Tea is the most important drink for chilly days and evenings. And if the tea is with the right herbs, then it can not only warm and invigorate, but also cure a cold throat, soothe and bring in the right mood. If you are one of those people who always add a pinch of this to the teapot, it is wise to make a harvest of herbs so as not to waste time on these combinations.

You can make your own tea mix in five minutes.
One of the most important components of fragrant tea is bitter-spicy and slightly spicy oregano, it is also oregano. Here she is:

If you have not stocked up on oregano from the summer, then you can easily find it on the market.
The second important component for super-aromatic tea is currant leaf. You understand – to look in the same place as oregano.

Following is an international tea supplement – peppermint. Take fresh in the supermarket. We dry all these three components, throw them into a blender and grind at the lowest speed (otherwise we will get powder).
But that’s not all. Proper tea needs not only a magical aroma, but also a magical taste. Here we have spice helpers.
What we need: cloves, cinnamon in sticks, vanilla (in pods!), Black cardamom, anise. Cut the cinnamon into small pieces (you can beat it with sugar tweezers or chop it with scissors, such as those with thicker blades). Cut vanilla. We cut the anise too, we make it so that one piece is equal to one clove (this is all necessary so that not so much anise gets into each serving of the infusion, otherwise you will have a cough syrup, not tea). Mix everything, put it in jars, and brew it when the time comes!

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