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In order to make homemade yogurt, special equipment is not necessary at all. Yogurt makers are quite a popular thing and, indeed, they relieve you of some of the trouble, but in general, these efforts are not so great.
What do you need to make yogurt? Fresh milk and a little ready-made yogurt.
For 2 liters of milk – ½ cup yogurt without flavoring. Check that the selected yogurt contains live yogurt cultures, such as L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei.
The number of crops does not matter if there is at least one – yogurt is good. But each of these cultures has its own beneficial properties, so the more diverse their composition – the better.

What kind of dishes do you need?
For cooking, you need a saucepan or stewpan with a thick bottom and with a lid. Ideally, it will be a heavy vessel in which heat will remain for a long time. If you have a ceramic stewpan or an enameled cast-iron pan – they are perfect. You will also need a cooking thermometer!
The basic method for preparing yogurt will be described below, you can make additions to it. For example, some people like to add milk powder or gelatin to thicken yogurt, you can still drain settled whey, then again yogurt will be thicker.

How to cook yogurt?

  • 2 liters of milk 2-3.5% (non-fat can be used)
  • 1/2 cup purchased yogurt

Pour the milk into the pan and heat it without boiling. The temperature should be 90-93 ° C.

Then cool to 40 ° C. During cooling, stir the milk periodically so that no foam forms. You can speed up the cooling process by placing the pan in a bowl of cold water or on ice.
Mix cooled milk with yogurt. To do it better this way: first, thoroughly shake the yogurt in a small amount of milk, and then add to the main volume.

Whisk milk lightly with a whisk – this is necessary so that yogurt cultures are well distributed throughout the entire volume of liquid.
Now you need to put the milk in a slightly warm oven. The temperature there should be 40 ° C. So let future yogurt stand for at least 4 hours, but you can leave it overnight. It is not necessary to keep the yogurt in the oven all this time. You can do this: hold it at forty degrees for a while, say, two hours, and then turn off the oven, wrap the saucepan with towels and put it back into the turned off oven. Do not mix yogurt during cooking. It should stand as it is until you complete the cooking process.

When it takes 4-8 hours, on the surface of the yogurt, with a high degree of probability, there will be serum. You can drain it, but you can stir it. Yogurt, with a high degree of probability, will be with cereals and clots. Therefore, you must first properly stir it with a whisk, and then pass through a sieve or gauze.

Pour the yogurt into jars, cover with lids. In this form, it is quite capable of being stored in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.
Save half a glass of your yogurt the next time – it will serve as a starter for the next portion of milk. Now you can do without purchased yogurt!

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