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Did you know that the roots of many vegetables and herbs that you chop into a salad can sprout and shoot? Having arranged them in pots and bowls with water on the kitchen windowsill, you can have an endless, constantly replenished supply of fresh herbs.
We know about eight plants that you can plant right in the kitchen.

Leek, lemongrass, fennel

All these plants, after you have already shaved the tops into salads, and only the roots are left, you can put them in water. In it, after 3-5 days they will sprout, however, a prerequisite is to change the water every day. In water, leek, lemongrass and fennel can live for a long time and continue to shoot.
Lemongrass can be transplanted into a pot and periodically cut off the tops. It is not recommended to transplant leek and fennel, they will live in a pot for a much shorter period than in water.

Celery, romaine lettuce

It is necessary to change the water every 2-3 days, and in addition to spray it from the spray gun. In a week, new leaflets will appear. Now we plant it in a pot and patiently wait for several months when the new leaves reach maturity. After there is very little romaine from a bunch of celery or lettuce, it is time to carefully cut the plant and place it in a container of water. We set it so that the roots are in the water, and the greens remain outside.


A clove of garlic vertically stick into the ground, with a sharp tip up. Put the pot on a sunny window, keep the soil moist all the time. After a while, green sprouts will appear, they can be added to salads. And after a few months you can dig out a head of garlic. An indicator that it has ripened is the yellowing of the green arrows and feathers of garlic.


In order to germinate ginger, you need to do the following:

  1. -Soak the ginger root overnight
  2. – Plant in moist soil. The root should lie flat, not vertically. Sprinkle with earth, water once every two to three days, wait until sprouts appear.
  3. -After a year you will have a full-fledged plant with leaves and flowers. The root will grow, easily separable root processes will appear.

Ginger can also be grown in water, the root will grow less intensively.

A pineapple

The pineapple sprouts a green tail – the top. From it it is necessary to peel all the flesh, leave only the stiff part. Put it in water for two weeks. During this time, roots will appear. Transplant the plant into a pot, it will take 2-3 years to wait for a new pineapple. But it’s worth it!

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