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This soup is definitely not a gourmet dish. But firstly, it’s a delicious soup, and secondly, since it’s delicious, why don’t we stop being snobs? Perfectionism in the kitchen, in any business, is not bad. But not always, unconditionally, and certainly he is not good as a daily lifestyle.
It’s scary to say, but the basis of the soup is canned. Canned fish. And a can of olives.
Cooking takes place at the pace of allegro (fast and fun), it all takes no more than 20 minutes.

So, we stock up on a large carrot and onion, quickly grate them on a grater and throw them in a frying pan with vegetable oil (necessarily with odorless oil), simmer the vegetables on a small fire until the tastes are mutually absorbed and softened.

Carrots and onions are great friends, which has long been seen in traditional Jewish cuisine, so give them 10 minutes to finally get along.
Meanwhile, we make a soup base that is simple, like the whole recipe: boil water with black allspice, slices of celery root and a few sheets of fragrant parsley. You can not spare the bay leaf: 6-7 leaves will not be superfluous.
At the last minute of passivation, we launch into a carrot-onion mass a small jar (50-70-100 grams – to taste) of a good tomato paste. Then we shift the vegetable mass into a pan with a boiling base (about 2.5 liters), reduce the heat to a minimum. Thinly cut 1 large potato or 2 medium. Slices of it should be like petals, otherwise our plain soup will be ruined by associations with cheap catering. After all, potatoes cut brutally will inevitably and brazenly come to the fore. We don’t need to advertise potatoes at all: it’s on the “backing” as the creator of a neutral taste background and a non-liquid consistency of soup. With it, you can put spices: a little thyme, basil, coriander, not sparing – parsley, then salt.
We shift the transparent straws of the potatoes into the pan, and open the cans.

We need at least three banks, and preferably four.

Two (or three) – with canned fish (“in its own juice”, you can add one “fish in tomato”, but in no case in oil). You will also need a jar of pitted olives. It is better to use fish differently. For example: pink salmon + horse mackerel. Even in such a simple recipe, the rule applies: the higher the initial quality of the products, the better the result can be expected. You can add a little juice from a can of olives, but it’s better not to, because it will ruin the already inexpressive, pinkish color of the soup.
Carefully put the canned food in the pan, wait for it to boil, count to twenty and immediately turn it off, tightly close the lid. Soup should be allowed to brew, at least another 20 minutes. The result will not be bouillabaisse, but we didn’t have such a goal today, remember?
Men like (checked), and in winter this hearty, but not heavy soup goes off with a bang like never before.
To scoop from the bottom. Sprinkle with a thick layer of greens.

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