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If you are from that category of people that buying a bunch of greenery can never spend it to the end before it wilted, this post is for you.
The easiest way to save unspent greens is to put it in a glass jar with a sealed lid (for example, this one), on top sprinkled with large salt. Screw the lid, put it in the refrigerator. Take out the greens as needed and every time sprinkle with salt: it should always be on top.
So in the refrigerator, greens can be stored for several weeks.
But there are other options for how to deal with the remaining greenfinch.
Dill, parsley, cilantro (and any other herbs) can simply be frozen in containers, previously sliced. But this is too boring, right?

Ice cubes with herbs: for cocktails, soft drinks, ice tea

Greens – suitable basil, dill, mint – chop finely, add grated lemon peel, put in ice tins, freeze.

Greens with olive oil: for mashed potatoes, for steaks

Finely chop, or even chop parsley, cilantro, dill, rosemary in a blender. Fold in ice molds, add olive oil and freeze. Ready cubes can be thrown in mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes, served deliciously and with a hot piece of meat, on which they are beautifully melted.

Greens with butter: for spaghetti and potatoes

In this method, we will freeze greens with butter. Here it’s good to add leeks, shallots, salt and black pepper to the greens that are at your fingertips. We chop all components, mix with softened butter. Now just put in a bowl in the refrigerator (for a while, so that the mass is a little thicker). We shift into cling film, roll up sausage and freeze. If at the preliminary stage you do not let the oil cool slightly, it will be difficult to roll the oil in a film: it will simply spread under your fingers.

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