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If you like smoked fish, but you don’t have a home smokehouse or a summer house where you could smoke it outdoors, this does not mean that you cannot cook it at home.
The smokehouse directly on the stove can be built in a couple of minutes. You will need: a large saucepan with a lid or wok, sheets of foil and a colander that will fit in the pan.
The colander can be replaced with such an insert in the pan for cooking steamed dishes.
You will also need a disposable foil container in which you put the ingredients on which you will smoke fish.
So, we are collecting a smokehouse. We take the pan / wok and spread the bottom with foil, and then a few more sheets of the side of your container.
Inside the pot or wok, on top of the foil, put the tray with the mixture for smoking.

Now on top of all this we install a double boiler insert or colander.

Put fish pieces in it.

Cover with a lid. If you don’t like the prospect of smoking smoke in your kitchen, you need to prepare some more sheets to wrap the lid on top with foil.
But without this winding, it is quite possible to do: it is not necessary for the cooking process itself, only so that the smoke does not come out. In any case, the included hood will not hurt you at all.

  • Mix for smoking:
  • 1 tablespoon of dry tea
  • 1 tablespoon cane sugar
  • 2 anise stars
  • 2 tablespoons of rice
  • Fish:
  • portioned salmon slices, with skin

The main component that will add flavor to salmon is tea. Therefore, the choice of tea must be approached carefully. It can be rooibos – as in our case, green jasmine tea (natural, not flavored!), Lapsang sushong or any other tea with an intense natural aroma are also suitable.
The remaining components of the mixture, of course, also take part in aromatization, but are not of such fundamental importance.
So, putting the fish in an impromptu smokehouse, put it on intense fire. As soon as smoke has appeared inside, we reduce the fire to a small one. Now we hold the fish in this form, without lifting the lid, for ten minutes. This is the time during which the portioned piece will be prepared, but not overdried. In any case, after this time you will need to pierce it with a knife and look into the depths to make sure that the fish is ready.

As you can see, we did not salt the fish in advance. This must be done already in the plate. In addition, it will be fine to sprinkle it with lemon or lime juice.

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